2019 Certification Review

Hello Everyone!  

I am pleased to announce that our certification review went extraordinarily well! For two and a half days, three highly qualified State Surveyors scoured our records, observed, and interviewed staff, Extended Family Home Providers, and eight of our 85 customers. During their review, the Surveyors could only find two items out of compliance with Title 404 Regulations for one of the eight people they reviewed. 

  1. A five letter word (visual) was missing from our Rights Restriction Review and Approval form, however, visual along with auditory monitoring was approved by the individual's team. 
  2. A Secondary EFHP administered, then signed out medications, using the Primary EFHPs Therap account.  

Both citations were corrected before the State completed their exit, and these issues did not compromise the excellent services we provide. Given this, I believe we will receive another two-year certification this year! Thanks for all of your hard work to ensure everyone we support is receiving the highest level of quality care possible. 

Congratulations with my deepest sincere thanks to all of you!  

Cindy Lindner,  

CEO & Founder of EFN, LLC