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Residential Services

We at EFN, believe that natural settings provide the individuals we serve with the best opportunity to develop relationships and to realize their full potential.

We accomplish this by utilizing the Shared Living program.

Andrew’s Story

Andrew has received services through Shared Living for several years. He enjoys keeping busy taking and assisting with karate classes most days of the week.

Shared Living Providers (SLPs, formerly known as Extended Family Home Providers) support people with disabilities in a family based setting, empowering each person served. SLPs assist people to become more independent by offering natural roles within a family home environment.

Mike’s Experience

Mike enjoys being a part of his Shared Living family. He enjoys spending time with pets.

At EFN, we strive to work together with and provide oversight for subcontractors with experience, knowledge, and the ability to provide quality person-centered services. Our SLPs assist the individuals we support to fulfill their true desires, individual goals, and improving quality of life to their best ability with dignity and respect.

Tim’s Birthday

Tim has received Shared Living services since 2016. He enjoys celebrating his birthday by getting donuts for everyone at his day services!

Are you Interested?

If you or someone you know is interested in providing or receiving services through EFN please call our main office at (402) 975-8079. You may also email our Area Director, Sarah Gregory, at sarah.g@efn.net.

Applications can be either dropped off, mailed, faxed, or emailed to:

4525 F Street
Lincoln, NE 68510

(402) 975-2293